What to know about Westin Resort, Westin Kierland & Kierl’s restaurant in Wailea, Hawaii

Westin, a luxury resort in Hawaii, is bringing its own take on sushi and Japanese cuisine to Waileak, Hawaii’s second-largest city.Westin’s chef, Kenji Kawamura, has taken on a new direction with the restaurant.He’s now cooking in a traditional Japanese style, including karaoke.Westins original menu is still available at the restaurant, and it includes a full […]

The Beach villas are being sold next year

Next Big Futures, the new online store launched this week by the company that owns the iconic Marlborough Beach property, will sell beach villa villas and other home accessories next year.The company has announced that it will be selling all of the villas on the Marlsea estate, which includes Marlstons West Pointe villas in West […]