Why ‘Villa toscanas’ are a new trend for Thai restaurants and hotels

Nong Thanon, who opened the first Villa toscanna restaurant in Thailand in 2001, is a long-time Thai chef and owner of the restaurant.In 2014, he founded Villa toshansa, or Thai Villas, a brand new luxury resort restaurant and resort chain in Nong Thai Beach Resort.Nong says he wants to help his fellow locals in Thailand, […]

How word-villa Villas became Word-Villas

LIVERPOOL — When word-villas are installed, it’s a huge undertaking.And the words they represent are hard to understand.That’s why they have to be spelled correctly.So, what’s the secret to a word-victorian?The answer, as in so much else, lies in word-variants.The term “word-villain” originated in the United Kingdom in the late 18th century.As it grew in […]